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As a Campus Rep, you’ll be the go-to source for all things Course Hero, a top online learning platform with over 40 million course-specific study documents. You’ll help your fellow students succeed and thrive on their college journey.

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You’ll collaborate and partner with friends, local businesses, and student organizations. We’ll provide training materials, offer coaching, and connect you with Campus Reps worldwide.

Make money—without limits 

You’ll earn uncapped commissions for every student you enter in our sweepstakes and our philanthropic program, Books for Africa. We pay hourly wages, too. And you can earn bonuses and unlock perks, including free meals, books, coffee, and resume reviews.

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Choose which marketing programs to promote, who to target, and where and when to promote events. You can even host events online. You’re your own boss!

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“The flexibility of the Course Hero program fit my schedule perfectly. It allowed me to work on other personal and professional responsibilities such as exercising consistently, working my full-time job, studying for the GMAT, and being active in my organization on campus.” 

Raymond Pham

San Francisco State University

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